The HTA story is still new and fresh, a company who aim to better assist and equip businesses in their health and safety application as well as other work-related processes such as induction or work specific processes. This will be achieved through a video facilitated process that ensures employee learning and enhancement of relevant procedures, creating an environment of support for the employee.


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to a new way to learn health & safety

Register and enjoy all the different features, in the setting of a virtual classroom, from the teacher presenting the lesson, to seamless switching from whiteboards/notes or diagrams to on-screen slides used to conduct the individual lessons.

Back in 2017 we identified the need to digitally transform education and have been working tirelessly to put together a comprehensive online learning platform to take education into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Education is ready for digital transformation as Generation Z (born 1995 to 2015) requires a different way of learning to the traditional way of teaching.

Transparent, Fair & Urgent

As a company we are transparent, fair and urgent in our nature and undertake to serve our clients with integrity and innovation. Being an organization with a high commitment towards upliftment of employees through enhancing knowledge and proficiency, we are committed to delivering a quality service experience to our clients.

The HTA leaders have an extensive education and intense experience in Risk Management in the work environment. As such, HTA is uniquely positioned and dedicated, to assist and enhance your business.

Decreasing the time spend to train workers on their respected job profiles and in return increase operation and production time.

Why us

We are HTA the name and our values alone differentiate us from all our competitors.

Not only do we have an extreme passion for what we do, we also have fun creating content that benefits the organization as well as the employee.

We have integrated our videos with an electronic solution that tracks and demonstrates your organizations user’s progress. Therefore eliminating more of your precious time spend on unnecessary administration.

All subscribers will have access to a growing library, that will cover various safety elements. This enables any member of the organization to expand on their knowledge in various safety related topics.

Increased production time by decreasing time spend on awareness sessions and training.

Complete elimination of ignorance as an excuse for substandard work.


Product is available in other languages making the Content easy to understand.


Videos can be viewed anytime and any where with a growing Library


Step in the right direction with a guidance towards compliance.


Videos are based on the OHS act and regulations as well as best practice.

Health and Safety

It has long been noted that the conventional way of performing toolbox talks and induction are simply taking too much time out of ope\rations.

Here at HTA we often look at how health and safety and operations can integrate.

Therefore we have created a library full of health and safety content that ranges from 2-5 min videos. Away with the long and meaningless induction or toolbox talks.

Our solution has been carefully planned to optimize operations and assure that the message is understood and implemented through all participants.

To show our clients we care,  we are not using any mindless animations, instead we are using actual human beings in our demonstration videos.



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