Every Moment Counts
DigiCampus provides equitable and quality online education solutions, our platform can be accessed anywhere in the world and from any device, to ensure lifelong learning opportunities for all students at various levels of their academic journeys.
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Educational Institutions
DigiCampus is your educational institution's answer in connecting with it's students via a white-labelled online platform with a learning management system (LMS) branded in your institutions own corporate identity.
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Continuous Educational Programs
We have 20 online courses within our Continuous Education Programmes (CEP) offering. These courses provide the working individual with the flexibility to take the next step in his career on his/her own time.
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online learning and education solutions

DigiCampus is an online learning platform that aims to provide the most comprehensive blended learning solution for all stakeholders within the education sphere in Africa. This includes the learners, parents, teachers, schools, local education departments and national education bodies.

education institutions

DigiCampus provides a white labelled online learning environment which caters for various educational institutions ranging from primary schools through to various tertiary levels. Access to full learning management system functions and customizable branding to meet client’s corporate identities.

Lifelong Learning...

We all know the old adage that you are never too old to learn. At DigiCampus we believe that learning is a lifelong journey. Your journey with DigiCampus starts from pre-school to where you decide to jumpstart your career by completing one of our accredited courses. Therefore being with you during every moment of your learning journey through life.

Continuous Education Programmes

Education never stops and with our Continuous Education Programmes (CEP) you will be able to enrol and start studying at any time during the year. You will also enjoy the flexibility of studying from home on your own time. All while gaining valuable specific job skills that will help further your professional career.