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DigiCampus offers the most comprehensive online video learning platform in multiple languages.

Register and enjoy all the different features, in the setting of a virtual classroom, from the teacher presenting the lesson, to seamless switching from whiteboards/notes or diagrams to on-screen slides used to conduct the individual lessons.

Back in 2017 we identified the need to digitally transform education and have been working tirelessly to put together a comprehensive online learning platform to take education into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Education is ready for digital transformation as Generation Z (born 1995 to 2015) requires a different way of learning to the traditional way of teaching.

video learning

Digital media has become part of our everyday life and is continuing to gain popularity. The youth of today are making use of videos to search for almost everything, from learning how to make a rocket to “how to” hairstyles and fashion. Videos are undeniably the best way to reach and educate our youth. DigiCampus has taken video learning to a new level by introducing a virtual classroom setting to keep pupils engaged.

Interesting Fact: Studies have shown that the human brain processes videos 60 000 times faster than it does with text.

free access

DigiCampus provides free access to video learning lessons in a virtual setting, presented by qualified and reputable teachers, providing pupils with an opportunity to develop to their full potential during and beyond the lockdown period.

grades R to 12

Our video lessons cover all subjects of the CAPS curriculum, from Grade R to Grade 12.

all official languages

DigiCampus is providing access to both Term 1 and Term 2 in English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu and IsiXhosa, extending to all other Southern African languages in the near future. 

all subjects

In order to provide a comprehensive video learning platform, we’ve worked tirelessly with teachers across SA to launch a CAPS curriculum-based video and media platform that covers all grades and all subjects.

the full package

The combination of video lessons in a virtual setting, presented in multiple languages, on all subjects of all grades make DigiCampus the most comprehensive online learning platform, within the basic education sphere in South Africa.

DigiCampus is THE go-to online education platform.



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The closure of schools was not intended to suspend learning and teaching, and curriculum coverage of the academic year.